Legno Divino

From disused barriques and recycled vats to precious oak, wood giving life to unique creations coloured by time.


An exclusive example of imagination, creativity and skill, Legno Divino is something truly unique: a collection of products made from reclaimed material obtained using old French oak barrels and vats for aging balsamic vinegar that have now exhausted their natural cycle. Idee & Parquet has decided to give a second life to this precious material, enriched with the colours and scents from years of long use.

The corks of the barrels are used to design octagonal-shaped floors (Sangiovese) while the staves are disassembled and skilfully worked to obtain 3 different types of product with different and natural colours: the burgundy interior, which bears the indelible signs of wine, the natural wood core, protected from light and the oxidation of time, and the darker exterior, aged by intense use.

Barrels and vats can be used to make strips and squares of various sizes and formats for floors, walls, rugs and customised creations.

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Polygons Bleached Tino

Collezione Legno Divino


Collezione Legno Divino


Collezione Legno Divino


Collezione Legno Divino


Collezione Legno Divino


Collezione Legno Divino

Barriques rug

Collezione Legno Divino

Cuore di Doga rug

Collezione Legno Divino

Mosto rug

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