Making a collection unique and exclusive thanks to the skills gained over time, to creativity and imagination.

This is the most delicate phase in the production cycle of a wooden floor, a true art form: it is responsible for its appearance and durability. Idee & Parquet pays the utmost attention to this aspect by managing the delicate processing phase directly.

Without ever losing sight of the artisan nature of its work, Idee & Parquet has always been committed to finding new solutions to amaze its customers with shades and colours that enhance the material aspect of the wood.

produzione decorazione
Sensitive to the evolutionary path that contemporary design trends are constantly tracing, alongside classic finishes, obtained with traditional methods such as oil or wax, Idee & Parquet offers original solutions full of imagination and different techniques, perfectly suited to the ingrained qualities of the wood types and the chosen format for the floor.
The direct management of the processing phase means that we work side by side with architects and interior designers to develop specific and customized solutions.


Idee & Parquet stands out for the versatility and uniqueness of its finishes, which are grouped into 5 distinct categories.

finitura nature


Bringing out the essential qualities of the wood by enhancing its natural colour, giving the floor a stability over time that reduces the spontaneous oxidation caused by exposure to sunlight.

finitura tradition


Using natural or polyurethane oils, depending on the use intended for the floor, giving a luminous appearance that can be accentuated with natural wax polishing.

finitura classic


Through the use of water-based natural colours with low environmental impact, the floor is given a tone that can change depending on the specific surface processing carried out during preparation. Stabilisation over time is achieved with carefully selected protective agents.

finitura vintage


Special techniques make it possible to obtain a shabby chic, patinated and naturally aged effect that gives the floor a lived-in feel ideal for special environments.

finitura evolution


Skill and research are at the basis of the colours in this category, obtained by exploiting wood’s ability to take on particular tones. The result is a depth of colour not obtainable with traditional colours, unique and inimitable shades and guaranteed stability over time.