The materials

The best choice from a multitude of possible solutions, ensuring that the work is always carried out to the highest professional and state-of-the-art standards.

Identifying the right product based on each customer’s requirements is the starting point for the success of any project. Wood types, the thickness of the floor, the composition of the backing or use of hardwood and the choice of the ideal size are all variables that Idee & Parquet handles routinely, always guaranteeing products of the highest quality. The selection of the raw materials and the scrupulous verification of the technical characteristics are fundamental when starting production of an item which will undergo a series of phases and manufacturing processes.

The essences

essenza rovere


essenza noce americano

American Walnut

essenza noce europeo

European Walnut

essenza larice


essenza olmo


essenza olivo


essenza cipresso


essenza teak


essenza quercia I patina

First Patina Oak

essenza quercia II patina

Second Patina Oak

essenza olmo II patina

Second Patina Elm

essenza abete I patina

First Patina Spruce


A variety of choices for creating the perfect result for your flooring project.

The parquet selections, called ‘classes of appearance’, are defined by specific norms and international standards. These norms indicate precise limits for each class, but it is also possible to use free classes, though being obliged to highlight each product’s tolerance.
Idee & Parquet proposes three free selections called Petrarca, Vasari and L’Aretino, differing from each other only for chromatic criteria or for the natural characteristics of the wood species, similar to a first, second and third choice made with 2 layers support in birch or 3 layers in spruce. Each class, however, excludes processing defects or characteristics that could compromise the resistance and reliability of the parquet over time. The choice of the right selection is guided by the type of project and is important for the harmony of the desired result.
selezione petrarca


I° choice

selezione vasari


II° choice

selezione aretino


III° choice

selezione scelta libera

Scelta libera

Reclaimed wood