The processing

The preparation of a surface, enhancing the raw materials through the handiwork of skilled and experienced craftsmen

These are the handcrafted processes that Idee & Parquet manages directly and through which it gives character and personality to a floor. The final result is reached thanks to the skilled and experienced hands accurately carrying out the various processes.
The surface can be artfully worn, aged, antiqued or made time-worn by modifying the natural structure of the wood thus influencing the colour tones through the refraction of light; it is possible to intervene on the worn look of the edges, to simulate woodworm to make an old floor perfectly in keeping with the style of the environment in which it will be laid or with the taste of those who have selected it. Some processes are matched to the type of decoration and are essential in obtaining unique and unrepeatable effects.
lavorazione parquet 05
lavorazione levigatura


Sanding process carried out with fine sandpaper which gives the wood a smooth overall appearance. Definitely suitable for modern or minimal environments where the preference is for a floor that completes an ambient without wanting to be the protagonist.

lavorazione spazzolatura


Surface-ageing treatment which works towards removing the soft part of the wood, highlighting the more fibrous structure of the grain. The appearance obtained is that of a slightly grooved floor, suitable for more classic and rustic environments. Brushing can be soft, normal, strong or deep, depending on the desired result.

lavorazione bottatura

Edge Sanding

Sanding with fine sandpaper along the longitudinal and end profiles of the boards. The floor takes on a worn and lived-in look and is perfectly suited to classic and modern environments; it can be combined with other processes.

lavorazione piallatura

Hand planing

Processing of the plank with a hand planer that makes the surface uneven, slightly grooved to the touch. It is a lengthy process and makes the floor particularly suitable for rustic environments.

lavorazione bisellatura


Sanding with fine sandpaper on the edges of the boards so as to determine an apparent slight gap between them. It can be more or less marked according to needs and personal taste.

lavorazione bisellatura a mano

Hand bevelling with small notches

Sanding with sandpaper on the edges with the addition of small notches on the edges of the boards, making them irregular and giving the floor a time-worn look.

lavorazione filosega

Bandsawn effect

Carried out with the aid of a special band saw that marks the boards perpendicularly with respect to their length and gives the surface a noticeable irregularity. It is a modern process and reproduces the effect of the old processes that were carried out in the carpentries of the past. It is suitable for both classic and modern environments.

lavorazione tarlatura

Woodworm Effect

A special manual process that simulates the effect produced by woodworm on wooden boards. It is recommended when you want to give the floor an antique and lived-in look, and is perfectly suited to rustic contexts.


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