Idee & Parquet: the company

The origins

A passion that has always animated a craft rich in tradition and manual skills at the service of ideas and the ambitions of design.

Idee & Parquet’s origins go way back in time, with more than half a century of history and experience behind it and born from the Sacchetti family’s passion for wood, an ancient material which inspires creativity and generates emotions. Sergio was immediately infected by this passion and chose to become part of this world, making it his profession, first as an agent and dealer then as a manufacturer.

He immediately managed to condense the experience and tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship into unique and inimitable projects for the residential, luxury and hotel sectors.


Tuscany, our land, our inspiration.

idee e parquet territorio natura

The territory

Art and nature are found everywhere in our land, spontaneously present in everything we do

Tuscany has always been a source of inspiration for artists of all kinds thanks to the beauty and hospitality of its territory, and it has certainly played an important role in the origins of Idee & Parquet. The province of Arezzo, surrounded by woods and incomparable natural landscapes, has been the ideal habitat for the development of the business.

Everything is inspired by the territory, notably populated by talents and excellences over time: Guido d’Arezzo, inventor of musical notes, Francesco Petrarch, writer, poet and philosopher, Giorgio Vasari, painter, architect and art historian. Idee & Parquet, inspired by this excellence for its range of products, combining art as references to its collections immediately seemed perfect; hence the name Chimera, for the boards in various sizes, La Pieve for the classic designs, Lancia d’Oro for inlays of wood in wood or of wood and various materials, Pratovecchio for 1st and 2nd patina reclaimed wood, Piazza Grande for outdoor use, Legno Divino for unique creations made from original French oak barrels

The showroom

Style, elegance, history and tradition.

atelier su misura showroom idee e parquet

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